7 Interesting Facts About Hindu Baby Names

We believe in the uniqueness of names to go well with your child's personality.

Name is more than a bunch of letters grouped together to sound pleasant to the ear. We carry a name for lifetime. Our name defines us, name is a significant part of our life and plays a pivotal role though out our lifetime.

With our Vast Data of 68,670 Hindu Baby Names we have prepared some analysis which will give You a clear perception about our data and help you choose the Perfect Name accordingly.

Percentage Of Names Starting With Alphabet

  • DID YOU KNOW that the majority percentage of hindu names starts with the alphabet S which is 15%.
  • And the least percentage of hindu names starts with the alphabets : E, F, O, U, Z.

Percentage Of Names Ending With Alphabet

  • Majority of hindu names ends with the alphabet A.
  • The least percentage of space are acquired by the alphabets :D, G, J, O, S, V.

Length Of Names

  • SURPRISINGLY the maximum length of the name that a person keeps is of 14 letters.
  • And the minimum length of the name is of 3 letters.
  • DID YOU KNOW that the majority of names have the length of 7 letters.


  • It's an interesting fact to know that the majority of Hindu Names starts with a consonant.
  • And the percentage of hindu names starting with a vowel is just 17.2% .

Percentage of Names Starting With Vowel

  • DO YOU KNOW that among vowels, alphabet A holds the maximum percentage of the names which is 14.3% .
  • And vowel O is the least prefered with only 0.6% .

Percentage of Names Starting And Ending With Vowel

  • It's interesting to know that only 9% of the hindu names starts and ends with a vowel.

Percentage Of Hindu Names Meaning God

  • You will be astouned to know that there are about 20% of the hindu names meaning God.