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Hindu Baby Names From Vedas


The thought of creating this app come to us when we were blessed with a baby boy. When we tried to search for some good name for our son; we faced a lot of issues and could not find great and unique names.

We wanted a unique name for our son, as we our self grow up in an environment where repetition of name is very common. Your uncle & you could share a same name or your share your name with some cousin of yours.

In schools, it's very common to have 2-3 students with same name. During attendance it looks very awkward when students are called with same name with 1, 2, 3 at last.

We wanted our son to be called with a nice & good name. There are many instances, where kids are not named with a formal name until they are admitted to school. Let me share a instance from my life. A friend of mine, didn't name his son because they couldn't find a good name starting with (N), so they called him prince for years. Then before the school admission, they named him formally. In school, when teachers & his friends called him by his real name, he wouldn't respond & if asked this is your name; he would say “NO! I am prince. This is not my name”. Finally, they had is get his name changed to prince in school records. Imagine how embarrassing this would turn out for the child when he grows up. He would have all his documents, with the name (Prince). So, we needed a sophisticated name.

In time of IT, when identify is very important, while naming our child, we should keep in mind that our kids will grow up into professional. A unique name has a significant role in professional world. A name is not simply a tag or a label of what people call you. Your name establishes the beginning of a reputation & the whole of that reputation is recalled by the thought or speaking of your name. So, a name should be special.

While searching for names, we realized that some websites don't show up a meaning. Meaning is of great significance. If our name has a distinct meaning, & if we can express it well to others. Our name will always be remembered. A meaningful name is very powerful tool.

So, finally we come up with the idea of this app where everyone has :

  • A lot of options of names starting with every alphabet
  • Meaningful names
  • Easy way of finding the names
  • Most Importantly Unique Names

Unique Hindu baby Names From Vedas