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We believe every child is unique in his/her own way and deserves a name which complements the child's personality.

A unique name also ensures that the child has a name different from his classmates when he goes to school.

Further it helps the child remain distinct in the social media world and not run into a situation where he applies a 1234 or cutiepie with his name to get a social media ID with his name.

Benefits of a Unique Name :
  1. If you choose a unique name for your child, your child can have an email id & id, on other social media by his/her name. NO NEED TO ADD PREFIX/SUFFIX FOR IDS.
  2. If you child has unique name he/she will always capture the SPOTLIGHT.
  3. When he/she introduce himself to anyone; it will lead to a lot of questions and they'll want to know the story behind the name.
  4. A unique name make an impact on people; mind & you are REMEMBERED for your name or the meaning.
When should I start searching for a Unique Name :

Name is for lifetime. God has given this special opportunity to name our child. It's a big responsibility. Choosing your child's name is a big decision, after all he/she will be walking around with it for rest of his/her life. So, INVEST SOME TIME TO CHOOSE A UNIQUE NAME FOR YOUR CHIID.

While you are waiting for your bundle of joy to be in your arms. Start searching for some name for your baby.

We give you a golden opportunity to go through a treasure of names. As you don't know the gender of child, you can search from both the buckets.

We allow you to some your favorite names, from all the alphabet. You can share these names with your family and friends to get their feedback.

When finally, your wait is over & it's the joyous moment for you to name your child, you have your favorite list ready. As soon as, the alphabet is decided, you can easily finalize your name. As you have spared the time for the name of your child during pregnancy. You can now enjoy parenthood, avoiding the last minute panic.

Keys for picking a Name :

There's no right or wrong way to pick a name for your baby. The most important consideration is to choose one you love most. Ultimately, your child will grow into whatever name you pick. Below are a few things to keep in mind as you decide.

  1. Sound : Think about how the name will sound when you call your child. Is it nice to hear, or does it sound harsh ? Does it go well with your last name (if you use) ? Try saying out the name you choose about several times in different circumstance before you finalize the name. Think about possible mispronunciations to make sure your child won't be subjected to a lifetime of correcting how others say it.
  2. Significance : Try to search for a significant meaning of the name you choose to be more impactful. If meaning of the name, reflects the feelings / values / characters you have, then you could easily relate with the name.
  3. Names that age well : When you pick a name, imagine your child in a professional situation, at a job interview, or going a presentation a client a name that suits an adorable baby or small child might seems choosy when your child is an adult.
  4. Spellings / Initials : Before finalizing the name, think of all the possible ways of how you can spell a particular name adding an extra "3" or "e" at specific places is the new trend. Choose how you want to write your child name. Check hoe only initials of name will look, or they don't lead to any unfortunate nick name or say your child someday wants to put her monogram. So initial of his/her name should look good e.g. GMS, MR5 and not be embarrassing for your child. Improperly chooser spellings can lead to mispronunciation.
Common errors to watch for when naming your baby :

lt's better to discover a mistake now then after the birth certificate is signed.

  1. Nickname Trap : Before finalizing check for all the possible nick names the name can lead to so as to avoid your child from facing name calling, or laughter’ s in school & with friends.
  2. A lifetime of corrections : Choose an appropriate pronunciation & spelling of the name. As you don't want you child to end up correcting everybody every time their name is called.
  3. Problematic name pairing : If your unborn baby an older sibling or two, try saying your baby's potential name together with your other children's. It should be pleasant to hear as you'll be saying their names together pretty often.